In 7 months, 7 countries, 7000+ km I visited the Asian Bicycle Tour with dozens of questions. “ Aren’t you having a hard time climbing the slopes? There were people who wanted to wonder and learn from ” how much money I spend per day “. Because they wanted to know what they could encounter on a long-running bicycle tour they wanted to do. But nobody asked the question.


What happens after the tour ends?


Actually, I asked this question to myself many times in the middle of the tour. Especially Tajikistan ‘s stunning mountainous landscape in and Kyrgyzstan ‘ s excellent cross Naryn River have asked for much.



Now let me go back to the top and summarize the process quickly. In fact, at the beginning of 2019, I had a thought of a backpacking trip that would last about 1 year, giving up my entire business life. I had set the starting point as the Philippines . However, I did not want to buy many things with me and I wanted to bring everything as cheap as possible. When I started to increase with what I would get with me, I decided to give up my backpacking style and make my bicycle tour, which is always in my mind. I was going east, but I didn’t know exactly where to go last, where to end. I looked at the map and decided to go to Kazakhstan Almaty , which is close to the Chinese border .

Almaty had another situation for me. When I was researching a flight ticket to go to the Philippines in the past years, Almaty was always in front of me as a transfer . From Istanbul to Almaty , there was going to the Philippines . I was curious about Almaty . And I finally decided to go to Almaty by bike . April 1 at Kadikoy, Istanbul than I hit the road. After 7 months, I arrived in Almaty . After I arrived in Almaty , my tour on this route was over; both Istanbul ‘was a need to go back.

April 1 at both Almaty ‘until both Almaty I set a course for the post; I have revised this route several times. Because there were some changes on the way. When I was in Azerbaijan , I had the idea to go to Thailand after Almaty . From there, I planned to be in Japan in April 2020 .

So what happened?

November 3 ‘in Turkey ‘ after returning to the country was accustomed to the process. Believe me, I slept in my overalls for the first 3 weeks. It was really hard to get used to. I stayed in my hometown Balikesir in part of December . I had to make a decision during this 2-month period. Either I would continue from where I left or I would be returning to my old life on January 1 . For 2 months, I also considered 2 options.

I wanted to continue because I seemed to have just started. I worked on a new route plan. This time I would start from Vietnam and then end it in Cambodia , Laos , Thailand , Malaysia , Singapore and Indonesia . I think this trip would take about 1 year.

I should have returned to my old life; so I had to start again because the resources were running out. I did not have a sponsor . I went back and forth between these two elections. And by making a really difficult decision, I started working again on January 1st . 2 months are over. In other words, I returned back to life in the morning 8 and 5 in the morning.

So what happens next?

I have another little dream for now. Going to my hometown with my bike. What happens next is hard to say anything in advance. But I will say that do not give up your dreams. I had a dream and did as much as I wanted to do. After that, I think I will return to short bike tours and running sports. But I can suddenly find myself in a country in South Asia . 🙂

Aren’t you tired when climbing the slopes? I was always replying to the question, “I’m getting tired but eventually ends, nothing goes on forever .” And once again I realized that nothing goes on forever.



Everything has a beginning has an end. Everything that has a beginning has an end.

Matrix Revelotions, The Oracle