Even though we try to live a minimum level of life during this journey, money is always a must 🙂

I already provide my transportation by bicycle and I prefer to walk on city trips. I also love walking.

I try to stay in the tent without any rain and mud whenever possible. I also lay on the floor of firefighters, cafes, containers and any indoor space. Sometimes I am a guest of the houses of the people who invited me.

Sometimes they order food, sometimes I feed myself with pasta and breakfast.

No matter how hard I try, it doesn’t happen without spending any money. If you want financial support during this journey, you can deposit the amount you want in the bank below. If you want your name and the amount you have deposited not to appear on this page, please specify. What the amount used is spent will also be indicated on this page.

I wholeheartedly thank everyone who has already helped to be a partner of my dreams and to show that it is a means of transportation to remove the bike from being a report card . Good thing you are!

BankGaranti Bank
Branchİstanbul Beşiktaş
Account nameŞakir Şen
IBAN TRTR39 0006 2001 3200 0006 6772 04
IBAN USDTR78 0006 2001 3200 0009 0886 98
IBAN EURTR35 0006 2001 3200 0009 0886 96

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