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For some work, it is said that it must be inborn afterwards. Especially for leadership qualities. Others may see being a traveler as an innate feature. But neither did I.

My acquaintance with the computer in the mid 90’s pushed me to work in the IT sector. Until this time, I always worked with love. After finishing Sakarya University in the early 2000s, 4 people came together and had a failed first business entrepreneurship. It took 6 months! Then I started working in the IT department of a private company like everyone else.

Antalya, which I went with my annual leave in 2004 , was my first trip . What I wanted to do was stay on the beach, stay and sleep. 🙂 I suppose I had a static personality in those years. The next year, together with my current partner, I found myself on an 8-day trip from Gallipoli to Dalaman , unplanned and unscheduled . In the next few years, I made trips in a sense, half-moving, half-stagnant, in a sense, holidays. These trips were classic annual vacation trips. Of course it was not like the present.

In 2008 , when I left my job and started my second business, I started an IT-focused company. I gave my last 10 years to this company. But still he couldn’t reach the point we wanted. They were very troubled in places; The place has come was good days. When you have your own business, you have to waive most things, especially the holidays. 2008-2018 range in the 10 years we ignore almost did not happen in one or two exceptions I am not exaggerating if I say no holiday.

In 2017 , I had the opportunity to go abroad , which I wanted so much . In fact, I always wanted to go abroad, Italy was Rome in my favorite place . I found myself in Sweden in the summer of 2017 . Tak I had a 1 week standard but very nice holiday by following a friend . Due to the 3-month Schengen visa we have received, I thought I could go to other countries.

Sweden before going Sweden to return alone to start after 1 week Slovenia finish in Austria with seven -nation trip I made a plan. Everything happened after that 🙂 I met hostels on this trip. I spent 2 weeks on this bus of yours with my sketchy English. I was staying 1, 2 days in every city I went to. I returned to Turkey at the end of 2 weeks. Two months later, I had a few days of Belgium trip.

Everyone can have troubles at certain stages of his life; the result usually comes to the point “I will take it and go my head . ” It happened to me a little like that. Only if everything is rosy or at least close to it, no one can quit his job and hit himself on the road. Something has to go wrong, something has to bother you; my excuse was ready. I was overwhelmed and had problems with the companies we serve . I left everything to my partner, gave up my 10-year company and 15-year business life and hit the road. This is how my story started.

Sometimes what we want isn’t going right; I agree with this but don’t give up on your dreams as much as possible.

Time never goes back and never stops …

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